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ÖZ-İŞ TEKSTİL Company was founded in 1955. In the early years of its operation, Tres machines produced elastic and inelastic bands of different widths. Over time, it has added to the production line for tape production as well as home textile and furnishing accessories. Sales Domestic products ranging from Asia to America and Australia are known abroad as TRIMLAND ÖZ-İŞ TEKSTİL. Our company, which has gained strength in the narrow weaving branch with the production of weaving machines, has started to operate under the name of ÖZ-İŞ DAR TEXTILE in 1980, leaving Öz-İş Tekstil. Our company, which is production products of apparel industry, has started to provide services to the curtain and furnishing sector in time.

OZ-IS Dar Tekstil offers solutions with textile tapes for reinforcing, holding, and transporting products. It is one of Europe's leading companies in manufacturing curtain tapes. In its diversification process over the years, it has been expanding its range of products to the current offer, which includes a wide variety of curtain tapes, technical tapes, textile tapes, and cords for different uses, as well as complementary products.


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